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AFF: Lehigh Valley Competition Semi-Finalists

Wednesday, April 10, 2024
5:30 pm7:30 pm
19th Street Theatre

Lehigh Valley Competition Semi-Finalists
5:30 PM · Wed, Apr 10, 2024 · Admission $10

19th Street Theatre, 527 North 19th Street, Allentown, PA 18104

City Serpent (3 min) Jake Keenan conquers Philly on a streetboard.

SILENCE IN THE NIGHT (4 min) Violence shatters the night, then silence.

Commodore 2 (4 min) Dive into animated psychedelic cosmos

Illusion of Knowledge (2 min) Peace, violence, life, death: A cycle’s tale.

The Island (5 min) An island castaway’s last reflections.

Weekdays are My Sh*t (3 min) Gator and Ali in The Swamp spit straight heat.

The Pineapple Plague (5 min) Beware: Killer pineapples on the loose!

SHARK MUSIC (Jawz) By Dolph-YFS Ft CantFindRL (3 min) I’m only 1 Person but an Army to you.

A Jester Within (4 min) Prabh navigates the mental health maze.

Dirty Dough Rising (3 min) Life is Sweet! Life gets messy! It's better with cookies!

UFO Vs. Dinosaur (2 min) Another quiet evening in Pangea.

I Hate My Job (But I Like My Shoes) (4 min) Ten-foot Snails in a musical escapade.

So Much For Flirting (3 min) A short "western" featuring art community of 1970

BLOOD NOD (1 min) Chaos before bedtime for NY’s beast.

Bloody Candy (4 min) When one conjures spirits in a mirror, who knows what will arrive?

Still Frames (4 min) Life’s moments captured in poignant scenes.

Between Lines (5 min) A pregnant woman teeters on life’s edge, until an unexpected savior alters her path. .

Birdsong/Twigs (2 min) Celebrating the beauty & connection of growth & nature

Outstanding (2 min) The peril of questions best left unasked.

Post-screening Panel Discussion featuring attending filmmakers and cast members.

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