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Become A Civic Angel

Become A Civic Angel

Who Are Civic Angels?

Civic Angels are dedicated friends and supporters of Civic Theatre of Allentown. They are the sustaining life-force of Civic Theatre programming. Civic Angels are those who find it in their hearts to designate a monthly gift to Civic in their charitable giving. Whether you have walked under our marquee and through our doors as a patron, student, volunteer, or simply to get out of the rain, anyone can be a Civic Angel!

What Do Civic Angels Do?

For as little as $10 per month your Civic Angel gift will:

  • Aid in our ever increasing operations costs
  • Support our professionally produced and thoughtfully curated live theatre offerings
  • Provide quality theatre education programming to the Lehigh Valley young artists
  • Support our Arthouse cinema program
  • Maintain our historic 19th Street Theatre building
  • And so much more!

Your recurring Civic Angel gift allows us to keep our doors open, the lights on, and sustains the magic of Civic Theatre for generations to come! 

Civic Angels are recognized on a designated page in each of our playbill booklets in print and digital format. 

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